It crosses the border and confronts seemingly distant areas.

The extraordinary exhibition ABSTRACT, held at Studio Bank on May 30, 2019 as part of Pop Up Gallery. The works by Magdalena Michalak, Anna Włoczek, Szymon Kobusinski and Andrzej Lichota combine painting and photography, creating a fascinating dialogue between different fields of art. The exhibition brought with it not only expression and emotion, but also new perspectives on the interpretation of abstract art. Crossing boundaries and confronting seemingly distant areas, the artists invited to a world full of inspiration and reflection.

The Pop Up Gallery at Studio Bank hosted a fascinating exhibition called ABSTRACT by Magdalena Michalak, Anna Włoczek, Szymon Kobusinski and Andrzej Lichota. This unusual exhibition, which took place on May 30, 2019, combined painting and photographic images in a unique way.
Magda Michalak, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, is an artist who explores intermedia means of expression in her work, such as photography, video, collage and digital post-production of material. Her works are full of surprising compositions and expressive forms that attract attention and provoke reflection.

Ania Włoczek and Andrzej Lichota, painters from Krakow, create in the trend of large-format abstractionism with strong textures and intense color combinations. Their paintings exude energy and emotion, stimulating the viewer’s imagination. Szymon Kobusinski, visual artist and creator of Studio Bank, presented his works from the Tumultus series. His works are full of dynamics and movement, conveying strong emotions and narratives. The ABSTRACT exhibition was not only an opportunity to admire individual artistic talents, but also to explore the dialogue between different fields of art. The artists combined expressive painting with photography, creating unusual confrontations and inspiring messages.

The artists’ words about the event: “Following the joint project ‘Art Now’, which inspired a dialogue between different artists, we are combining expressive painting with photography. We confronted these two seemingly distant areas of art.” This exhibition was an extraordinary journey through the world of abstraction, revealing new perspectives and inviting reflection on the nature of art.

ABSTRACT at Studio Bank was an unforgettable experience for art lovers that inspired the exploration of various forms of artistic expression and opened the door to new possibilities of interpretation.