PopUp Gallery

Several days of cultural events – exhibitions combined with a grand opening and art sales.

„Eyes from inside the head”

„The young parks on the buses, the kids, the guys from the sports schools that the city condemns you to. I never know what their gaze means. But in fact I know, I feel it on me (…). Just why is it that in moments when you are sure that someone is making fun of you, doesn’t accept you and makes it known to their peers, why doesn’t a reflex form to be able to approach that person and give them a slap?

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„Worlds. One Cosmos.”

The exhibition „Worlds. One Cosmos.” – What do photography and animation have in common? Nothing? Yet maybe more than we think?
Images, sounds and staged scenes come to life, creating a unique message.

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„AV Workshop"

„I think it will be a strong energy field. If it is possible to invoke such a possibility, if it is possible to convince other people with the energy of art, it will be something important.” – Jozef Robakowski.

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The result of an intimate journey into the seemingly forgotten world of free expression and love of the female body. Although the creative process was typical of the reportage field, the author closed her vision in a series of impressions from the borderline of studio photography and painting. The project aroused the involvement of the biggest stars of Polish burlesque.

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The author’s project by Szymon Kobusinski was created over several months and tells in an intriguing way about moments that stopped the world. The artist invites us to an emotional journey beneath the surface of the water.

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„Winter mind”

In her project, Karolina Gembara confronts the issue of migration and repatriation, the echoes of which still shape our contemporary identity. Gembara juxtaposes photographs, objects and archival photos to talk about the search for one’s own place and diagnose the complicated situation of post-German areas.

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The extraordinary exhibition ABSTRACT, held at Studio Bank on May 30, 2019 as part of Pop Up Gallery. The works by Magdalena Michalak, Anna Włoczek, Szymon Kobusinski and Andrzej Lichota combine painting and photography, creating a fascinating dialogue between different fields of art. The exhibition brought with it not only expression and emotion, but also new perspectives on the interpretation of abstract art.

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The exhibition „38″ is the result of 38 days of intensive work
students of the Department of Photography at the Film School in
Lodz. Their photographs reflect diversity
and individuality, creating a unique encounter
with art.

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The opening of the exhibition „Intimacy” by Szymon
Kobusinski at Studio Bank was an extraordinary
artistic event. The author explores the depths
underwater world, showing the dark history of
of beauty and the human condition. His works are a
combination of the clarity of water with rough
images, drawing the viewer into a magical world of emotions.

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„Horizon” is an unusual exhibition that brings together two renowned artists with different techniques
creative techniques. Paweł Pierściński, a photographer who captures the beauty of the landscapes of the Kielce region, meets with
Marcin Rząsa, a sculptor from Zakopane who explores the relationship between man and nature.
Their works resonate with each other, creating a harmonious story about landscape and the human form.

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„Astonishments / Metamorphoses"

„Astonishments / Metamorphoses” at Studio Bank
– an unusual exhibition where the following will meet
Tomasz Tomaszewski’s photographs and sculptures
by Krystyna Nowakowska. Curators
Barbara Elzhanowska-Rutherford and Szymon Kobusinski
present a fascinating interpenetration of various
artistic media.

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„Nostalgia / Thaw"

„Nostalgia / Thaw” – an extraordinary exhibition that showcased the works of two outstanding artists – father and son,
Tomek Sikora and Mateusz Sikora. This exciting exhibition, organized by curators Barbara
Elzhanowska-Rutherford and Szymon Kobusinski, attracted the attention of art lovers by presenting a
fascinating combination of photography and sculpture.

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