A meeting of two outstanding artists – Paweł Pierściński and Marcin Rząsa.

„Horizon” is an unusual exhibition that brings together two renowned artists with different techniques
creative techniques. Paweł Pierściński, a photographer who captures the beauty of the landscapes of the Kielce region, meets with
Marcin Rząsa, a sculptor from Zakopane who explores the relationship between man and nature.
Their works resonate with each other, creating a harmonious story about landscape and the human form.


The exhibition “Horizon” is a meeting of two outstanding artists – Pawel
Pierściński – photographer, and Marcin Rząsa – sculptor. This unique
exhibition, presented in April 2015 at Studio Bank, is a perfect
combination of two different artistic techniques – photography and sculpture, which
interact and resonate with each other. Paweł Pierściński, for decades
immortalized the landscapes of the Kielce region, in his photographic work he found a
harmony of proportion, rhythm and contrasts, which he created with unearthly light.
His photographs are steeped in emotion and deep attachment to this land.
He created landscapes in an ideal way, creating mathematical and geometric models
and compositions. Pawel Piercinski’s paintings, capturing the different times of the
of the day and the changing light, delight with their nostalgic and
characteristic Polish atmosphere.

In his sculptures, Marcin Rząsa talks about the relationship between man and nature.
His wooden figures, both smaller and larger, show human silhouettes
against a background of organic shapes, such as vines or roots. The sculptures exude
tranquility, naivety and warmth. They are simple, minimalist and stimulate
imagination, inviting new interpretations. The exhibition “Horizon” is not only a
presentation of the individual work of two artists, but also their mutual
interaction. The photographic works of Paweł Pierściński and the sculptures of Marcin Rząsa
create new wholes, surprising compositions and rhythms. The exhibition is characterized not only by
beauty and aesthetics, but also a deeper message that comes alive in the dialogue between the two
artistic techniques. These two different artistic worlds met at the
“Horizon” exhibition, creating a unique combination.
Curators, Stanisława Zacharko-Łagowska (BWA in Kielce),
Barbara Elzhanowska-Rutherford (Gallery 101 Project) and Szymon Kobusinski
(Studio Bank), invited viewers on an extraordinary journey through space, form and
emotions that resonate between photography and sculpture. The exhibition presented
unique works by the artists that inspire and stimulate the imagination, creating new
fields of associations.

Links to artist biographies:
● https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pawe%C5%82_Pier%C5%9Bci%C5%84ski
● https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcin_Rz%C4%85sa

Opening date: June 12, 2015
Exhibition title: “Horizon”
Place: Studio Bank
Curators: Stanisława Zacharko-Łagowska (BWA in Kielce) Barbara Elżanowska
– Rutherford(Gallery 101 Projekt) and Szymon Kobusinski (Studio Bank)
Patrons of PopUp Gallery at Studio Bank: Capital Park, Philips, ESTHECHOC,
Elżanowski, Cherka and Wąsowski Law Firm
Media Partners: artinfo.pl, Manager, Market and Art, Fotopolis,
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