„Worlds. One Cosmos”

What do photography and animation have in common?

The exhibition “Worlds. One Cosmos” – What do photography and animation have in common? Nothing? Yet maybe more than we think?

The exhibition “Worlds. One Cosmos.” is a unique combination of photography and animation that introduces viewers to a multimedia world full of inspiration. Presenting the work of artists associated with the Film School in Lodz, the exhibition invites you to an extraordinary and immersive experience. Images, sounds and staged scenes come to life, creating a unique message.

Diverse works of lecturers and graduates of Animation and Photography, Film School in Lodz: Grzegorz Przyborek, Maciek Rynkiewicz, Patrycja Gotszling, Paweł Fabjański, Weronika Michel, Szymon Kobusiński, Zuzanna Kostka, Oktawian Jurczykowski, Klaudia Bochniak and Tomek Wysocki. In addition, the whole was complemented from the stage with an explosion of sounds by artist and Animation graduate Klaudia Bochniak.

The exhibition was presented in a special year – 75 years since the establishment of PWSFTviT in Lodz and 30 years since the beginning of the Department of Photography.

The title of the exhibition: “Worlds. One Cosmos.”
Opening date: April 22, 2023
Place: Studio Bank
Patron of the Exhibition: Brill AV Media and Studio Bank