„AV Workshop"

Experimental and media art.

“I think it will be a strong energy field. If it is possible to invoke such a possibility, if it is possible to convince other people with the energy of art, it will be something important.” – Jozef Robakowski.

The exhibition “AV Workshop” took place on February 11, 2023 at Studio Bank in Warsaw. This extraordinary exhibition featured the works of artists who have made great contributions to the development of experimental and multimedia art. The works of Józef Robakowski, Andrzej Różycki, Wojciech Bruszewski, Ewa Ciechanowska, Hubert Humka, Szymon Kobusiński, Filip Gabriel Pudło, Wojciech Pusia and Bartłomiej Talaga came to life before the eyes of visitors. The artistic event included concerts, exhibitions and video projections. The exhibition recalled and presented the legendary character of the Lodz Film School, which for years inspired artists to explore new media. Participants were able to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of audiovisual art.

It was at Targowa Street in Lodz that the iconic Film Form Workshop operated half a century ago. Functioning in 1970-1977, the scientific circle carried out experimental and uninhibited activities in the area of film art, photography, and the relationship between image and sound. Without the activities of the Film Form Workshop, no one would have recognized Photography as a separate, important scientific field. It was a prelude to today’s activities in media art. This experimental spirit is still alive in the School, evolving and taking on new forms. A decade ago, the Videopunkt art group was formed as part of the Scientific Circle, which explored and expanded the possibilities of audiovisual arts through the media of photography, video or sound. Now, in the year of the 30th birthday of the Photography specialty at the Lodz Film School, the lecturers – Ewa Ciechanowska-Urbanska, Hubert Humka, Szymon Kobusinski, Filip Gabriel Pudlo, Wojciech Puś and Bartlomiej Talaga – have decided to recall and refer to media works that have gone down in art history, as well as to present their own explorations in the field of audiovisual arts.

Jozef Robakowski himself, an outstanding multimedia artist, graduate and lecturer of the Film School, co-founder of the famous Film Form Workshop, invited to the “AV Workshop.” “I think it will be a strong energy field. If such a possibility can be established, if it can convince other people with the energy of art, it will be something important.”

The exhibition was presented in a special year – 75 years since the establishment of the PWSFTviT in Lodz and 30 years since the beginning of the Department of Photography.
The title of the exhibition: “AV Workshop”.
Opening date: February 11, 2023
Venue: Studio Bank
Patron of the Exhibition: Studio Bank