„Eyes from inside the head"

Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023

“Eyes from inside the head” exhibition organized as part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023

“Eyes from inside the head” is an exhibition that problematizes the issue of seeing in the context of personal perceptions, intrusive thoughts and confrontations with the environment. The gaze is never one-sided, rather it resembles a pulsating exchange of energy in which subjective images of reality and perceptions of our own self are formed. By confronting the gaze of others, projecting their thoughts and opinions on him, the artist touches upon the themes of misunderstanding, exclusion and loneliness in his typical monumental yet unapologetic manner.

“The young parks on the buses, the kids, the guys from the sports schools that the city condemns you to. I never know what their gaze means. But in fact I know, I feel it on me (…). Just why is it that in moments when you are sure that someone is making fun of you, doesn’t accept you and makes it known to their peers, why doesn’t a reflex form to be able to approach that person and give them a slap?
When they lampoon you and you know that you are in a ridiculous – according to them, by Polish hetero standards – hat. Such a couple lampooned me on the streetcar, so I too started lampooning them for 5 minutes without stopping. I only saw one ask the other if I was staring all the time. They didn’t know what to do. I managed to shimmy them off. But it’s a case of literally. So far I’ve managed once in my entire life to get so into myself and beat someone. That is, however, it is a duel in which with impunity they win, their looks.”

artist: Przemyslaw Piniak
exhibition title: Eyes from inside the head
curator: Przemek Sowinski

Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023
duration: 28.09 – 1.10.2023