„Astonishment / Metamorphosis"

An amazing meeting of photography and sculpture at an exhibition by Krystyna Nowakowska and Tomasz Tomaszewski.

„Astonishment / Metamorphosis” at Studio Bank – an unusual exhibition where Tomasz Tomaszewski’s photographs and sculptures by Krystyna Nowakowska will meet. Curators Barbara Elzhanowska-Rutherford and Szymon Kobusinski present a fascinating interpenetration of different artistic media.

Studio Bank in Warsaw became an arena for the unusual intermingling of various artistic media at the exhibition „Astonishment / Metamorphosis” which took place on April 16, 2015. This fascinating exhibition presented a unique combination of photography and sculpture, juxtaposing the works of two talented artists, Krystyna Nowakowska and Tomasz Tomaszewski. The curators of this unusual exhibition are Barbara Elzhanowska-Rutherford and Szymon Kobusinski. Krystyna Nowakowska, born in Rzeszow, is an acclaimed sculptor who favors unique compositions modeled in wax and cast in bronze using the “lost wok” method. Her works, full of surprising forms and deep symbolism, have been presented at numerous exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. Nowakowska’s works adorn galleries and private collections around the world, including in Krakow, Szeged, Bolivia, France, Holland, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States and Italy. Her talent has been recognized through art scholarships from the Minister of Culture and Art and the Cracow Creative Scholarship.
She is also a member of the Union of Polish Artists, the “Polart” Art Association and the Society of Friends of Fine Arts in Cracow.

Tomasz Tomaszewski, born in Warsaw, is a renowned Polish photographer, known for his extraordinary press photographs. His work has graced the pages of National Geographic magazine and has been featured in numerous solo exhibitions at home and abroad. Tomaszewski is also a
a respected photography lecturer in Poland, the US, Germany and Italy. His photographs are characterized by keen observation and an artistic view of reality. He is the author of many publications, including books such as “Polish Gypsies,” “The Last. Contemporary Polish Jews” and “In the Center,” which reflect his passion for documenting everyday life and social transformations.
The exhibition “Astonishment / Metamorphoses” was not only an opportunity to admire the extraordinary works of these two artists, but also a meeting of two different artistic worlds. Nowakowska’s and Tomaszewski’s works reveal amazing connections between photography and sculpture, the interpenetration of forms, textures and emotions. The interplay of these two media creates new and unexpected perspectives for the viewer, provoking reflection and interpretation.

„Astonishment / Metamorphosis” was a unique opportunity for art lovers to explore the world of two talented artists and experience their extraordinary work. The works of Krystyna Nowakowska and Tomasz Tomaszewski not only provide an aesthetic experience, but also inspire us to think about the diversity of artistic forms and their interpenetration.

The exhibition is organized thanks to the support of PopUp Gallery at Studio Bank by: Capital Park, Philips, ESTHECHOC, Elżanowski,Cherka and Wąsowski Law Firm, and media partners: artinfo.pl, Manager, Rynek i Sztuka, Fotopolis, Meeting Planner and Feedback.