A dark story of beauty.

The opening of the exhibition “Intimacy” by Szymon Kobusinski at Studio Bank was an unusual event
artistic event. The author explores the depths of the underwater world, showing the dark history of beauty and the
human condition. His works are a combination of the clarity of water and rough images, drawing the viewer
into a magical world of emotions.

The exhibition “Intimacy” by Szymon Kobusinski, which took place on November 21
2017 at Studio Bank, was an extraordinary artistic event. The author
decided to tell a dark story of beauty, reaching beyond the surface of the
underwater portraits and searching for deeper truths about the human condition.
Kobusinski uses water as the main medium, appreciating its clarity of
communication and undisturbed beauty. However, he does not limit himself to just
celebrating the pure visual form. His underwater photographs are combined
with rough, grainy images, creating a new quality in photography
underwater photography. This combination of contrasting elements allows him to reach beyond
simple visual pleasure and explore complex aspects of the human mind.
Water, the main theme of the exhibition, has many symbolic meanings.
It is interpreted as a symbol of chaos, changeability, rebirth, wisdom
or magic. Kobusinski exploits this diversity of meanings, creating a magical
world of the depths of water. His photographs show the crystalline clarity of water, which
brings out every detail and emphasizes the airiness of the rippling fabrics. Emerging
figures immersed in this extraordinary space resemble scenes from
enticing dreams.

The exhibition “Intimacy” tells about the volatility of emotions and the condition of modern
man. The viewer is invited to look at his own reflection on the water and
to consider on which side he or she will situate himself or herself. Will the images bring
solace and understanding, or will they heighten feelings of emptiness and alienation?
Or will there be purification? Kobusinski proves that his perfect
photographic artistry can bring out the entire spectrum of human emotions, both
positive and dark. Szymon Kobusinski is an artist involved in the
visual arts, and water is the main medium in his work. His
works combine elements of abstraction and figurativeness, using both
classical photography and video materials. As a graduate of the Film School
in Lodz, he is also currently a lecturer at the school. His talent was
developed by his father, a sculptor and theater set designer, who was his
first teacher of photography. Kobusinski is a member of the Union of Polish
Artists Photographers and has had many distinguished art projects
art projects and individual exhibitions.
He has repeatedly presented his works at renowned venues such as the
Grand Theater – National Opera in Warsaw, the National Museum in Cracow and the
National Theater in Warsaw. His exhibitions have also been held in galleries in
Berlin, London and Copenhagen. In 2018, he published a book entitled.
“NOW WE’RE OVER THE WATER,” presenting his works. In 2009, he brought back
Studio Bank, a unique space from the turn of the 20th century, which
became his artistic studio.

An excerpt from the conversation between Szymon Kobusinski and Anna Luboń was published in
ELLE magazine: “I identify with the character in the photos. It reminds me,
That I also often struggle. And that there is always somewhere, eventually, a
light. When are you really yourself? Is it when you feel a wave of euphoria from
of doing what you love again, that joy so great that it
choke you? Or when you feel sadness for the same reason? Are you yourself when
you shout with joy, or when you hold your breath so as not to lose a
second of that unique moment of wild happiness…. Like an autistic child,
in whose head worlds are being built in their constructions and momentum never
unavailable to other people – you head inward. Water slows down your movements,
water washes over bodies, water muffles screaming. But that doesn’t mean the scream isn’t there.
Working with models, I noticed that emotions are expressed differently underwater. A little,
Like a scream, but without the voice. Magic. A model thrown underwater has an extraordinary
trust. An almost physical bond is established between us. It is enough for me to make a
a slight gesture, and she assumes a completely different pose.
When are you really yourself? Under water, it’s impossible to keep your mask on. The movements no longer
belong so completely to you, the body floats, gets carried away by the current. The fabric turns
into liquid bullion, a shroud comes to life on a body that is still alive, already moved by the
water. Water is life and it is death, weightlessness foreshadows what will happen
happens to you when you lose control. Perhaps this is the most intimate
situation? When you are truly yourself. Without oxygen, without sound, without gravity,
without excuses, held by nothing and no one. Not held. Especially by
myself. I started creating underwater photography because I wanted beauty, pleasure,
pretty pictures. Now it’s more important to me that they be honest. So that they acquire
depth. Even at the expense of beauty. The truth is more interesting.

Opening date: November 21, 2017
Exhibition title: “Intimacy”.
Place: Studio Bank
Patron of the Exhibition: AIFG
Patron: National Film, Television and Theater School
Leon Schiller. Leon Schiller
Exhibition Partners: Brill AV Media, Nielsen, Hahnemühle
Studio Bank Partners: Wacom, Colors of Design, Eizo, Paper Design,
Grain to Grain
Media Partners: Dom & Wnętrze, Fotopolis, Digital Camera, SWAY, ArtPost