"Nostalgia / Thaw"

An exciting exhibition of works by Tomek and Mateusz Sikora.

“Nostalgia / Thaw” – an extraordinary exhibition that showcased the works of two outstanding artists – father and son, Tomek
Sikora and Mateusz Sikora. This exciting exhibition, organized by curators Barbara
Elzhanowska-Rutherford and Szymon Kobusinski, attracted the attention of art lovers by presenting a
fascinating combination of photography and sculpture.

On November 13, 2014, a unique exhibition “Nostalgia / Thaw” was held at Studio Bank. This exciting exhibition presented, for the first time ever, the works of two outstanding artists – father and son, Tomek Sikora and Mateusz Sikora, photographer and sculptor. The exhibition was curated by Barbara Elzhanowska-Rutherford and Szymon Kobusinski. Tomek Sikora, a well-known and respected photographer, has won acclaim for his extraordinary skills in capturing the beauty of reality. His photographic works,
deftly using light and composition, stir emotions and reveal deeper meaning. The artist has won recognition both at home and abroad for his imagination and unique technique.

Mateusz Sikora, a sculptor of extraordinary passion, expresses his creativity and sensitivity in his sculptures. His works exude beauty, subtlety and the ability to create three-dimensional forms. Mateusz Sikora has perfectly mastered the art of working with different materials and creating unique compositions that delight the viewer.The exhibition “Nostalgia / Thaw” was not only an opportunity to present extraordinary artistic works, but also to show the diversity and harmony between photography and sculpture. Father and son, Tomek and Mateusz Sikora, together created a fascinating exhibition that provided viewers with a unique aesthetic experience. The exhibition “Nostalgia / Thaw” was a unique opportunity for theaudience to immerse themselves in the world of two talented artists, discovering their unique approach to art.The works of both men were an inspiring combination of talent, vision and individual artistic expression.

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Mateusz Sikora
Tomek Sikora

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